How to maintain and repair the screw?


How to maintain and repair the screw? ①It is not allowe […]

How to maintain and repair the screw? ①It is not allowed to start the screw rotation when empty. Empty car inspection before driving? It should be started at low speed during trial operation, and the rotation time should be as short as possible (it should not exceed 2~3min. If everything is checked, stop immediately.
②The heating and constant temperature time before driving must be guaranteed, and the heat preservation and constant temperature time after reaching the process temperature should be no less than 1~2h. This prevents the material from increasing the working torque of the screw due to uneven temperature during plasticization.
③When handing over shifts, listen carefully to see if the rotating sound of the screw is normal. If abnormal noise is found, stop immediately and report to the relevant personnel for inspection? , Troubleshoot.

④ When disassembling the screw, use special tools to disassemble, and no heavy knocking is allowed. Disassembly sequence:
a. First disassemble the connection between the nozzle and the nozzle barrel;
b. Separate the key connection part at the rear of the screw from the drive shaft;
c. Disassemble the connecting flange and move the screw forward;
d. When the screw head is exposed to the barrel, immediately disassemble the screw head connecting thread (the thread here is generally left-handed);
e. Remove the check ring and the sealing ring;
f. The disassembled nozzle, non-return ring, sealing ring and screw should be immediately cleaned up with copper brushes and shovel tools while still hot. Special hard-to-clean sticky materials should be heated in an oven to soften them before cleaning.
⑤When assembling the parts on the screw, each threaded connection part should be coated with molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease to facilitate the next disassembly.
⑥ The surface of the screw not in use should be coated with protective oil and hung in a ventilated and safe place.
(2) Repair of screw.
① The working surface of the screw has slight abrasion or scratches. Use oilstone or fine emery cloth to polish the damaged part.
②When the screw working surface has serious wear or scar groove, should it be checked? Analyze the reasons for the wear and tear of the screw and eliminate the fault to avoid similar phenomena again. Then repair the scratches and grooves of the screw.
③When there are serious damage marks on the screw and barrel, and the matching gap between the two has been large, the screw should be replaced, and the outer diameter of the screw thread should be prepared according to the inner hole diameter after the barrel is repaired. Ensure that the clearance between the barrel and screw is within the specified range.


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