Spare Parts Of Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers

Single Screw Barrel Of Injection Moulding Machine

1. Material:38CrMoAIA
Nitriding treatment. Surface hardness:HV2900
Nitriding depth:0.5-0 .8mm
2 Material:Special alloy steel
Vacuum quenching treatment.prolong service life

We can provide corresponding accessories according to the custom's demand such as over-rubber head, over-
rubber rlangs, nuzzle nut,flange, etc ,and design special screw along with drawing.

GH113, HPT, MPT, Cr12MoV , SKD11 . SKD61。SKD38,YXM , EFZD。DC53 , SKH55。SKH59 , SKH58
SKH51 , SKH-9 , ASP60 , ASP30 , ASP25 , CW6MO5CR4V2