Maintain the extruder screw and barrel in time to prevent wear


Reasons for wear of extruder screw and barrel: 1. Durin […]

Reasons for wear of extruder screw and barrel:
1. During the production process of the rubber extruder, because the process temperature is too low or the extruder barrel is mixed with metal foreign matter with the material, the working rotation torque of the rubber extruder screw will suddenly increase, and this torque force exceeds the screw. The strength limit will cause the screw to twist off;
2. If there are fillers such as calcium carbonate or glass fiber in the material, it will aggravate the wear of the rubber extruder screw and rubber extruder barrel;
3. The screw of the rubber extruder rotates in the barrel of the rubber extruder to extrude the material. The long-term friction between the screw, the barrel and the material will inevitably cause the abrasion of the barrel and the screw. The inner diameter of the barrel will gradually increase, and the outer diameter of the screw will gradually decrease, so that the gap between the screw and the barrel will increase a little as the two gradually wear;
4. Improper operation leads to wear of the screw and barrel of the rubber extruder, and the process temperature control is unstable. It often occurs that the extruded material is decomposed, such as pvc, when a large amount of HCI gas is released, which intensifies the corrosion of the parts;
5. The heat treatment hardness of the working surface of the rubber extruder screw or barrel does not reach the required value, which will accelerate the wear of the two parts;
6. Improper selection of materials for the screw and extruder screw and barrel will make the working strength of the two parts insufficient and shorten their working life.

Maintenance during use of extruder screw and barrel:
   1. The head, barrel and screw should be preheated before starting, and can only be started after reaching the temperature required by the process.
   2. It should stop when continuous feeding is not possible within a certain time range, and it is strictly forbidden to run idly when there is no material.
  3. The rubber material must be preheated and cut into strips for continuous and uniform feeding, while the cold feed rubber extruder rubber material does not need to be preheated, but it must be pressed into pieces and cut into strips for continuous feeding.
   Maintenance after shutdown:
   1. Cut off the power and close the water and steam valves.
   2. Cover the feeding port cover.
  3. In winter, the water in the barrel, machine head, rubber screw, connecting pipe and temperature control device must be blown off or treated with special insulation and antifreeze treatment.
  4. According to the process regulations, remove the remaining glue in the machine head and barrel.


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