What Stainless steel barrel nuts types and types are available?


The stainless steel barrel nut is a rod flange with int […]

The stainless steel barrel nut is a rod flange with internal threads and a screwdriver at one end. It has an internal thread in the Spare Parts Of Injection Moulding Machine , which can be screwed into one or more mechanical screws. Usually, the heads of these screws are matched with the heads of the nuts to provide a complete matching unit.

For example, if a countersunk hexagon socket screw is screwed into a countersunk hexagon socket drive nut, the head of the male screw bolt matches the head of the female screw nut.

The head styles and types of barrel nuts are varied and different in size, including:

Countersunk Phillips
Countersunk sleeve
Pan head socket
High head
Truss head Phillips
Joint bolt head
Countersunk Phillips Drive

These products have a flat head effect and provide ideal high-quality results. The driver is Phillips, any casual family can easily unscrew it in the future.

Countersunk socket driver

Like countersunk Phillips nuts, these hex socket driver versions provide ideal high-quality results. The driver has a hexagonal groove (Allen key), which can provide a higher quality appearance and is better used for precise installation of hexagonal wrenches.

Pan head socket screwdriver

Pan head socket drive nuts are commonly used in stainless steel wire rope railing applications, and can provide a good appearance for swaged studs and other wire rope accessories used at the end of wire rope railings.

High head

To use an easy-to-use slot drive to obtain a smooth (but not completely flat) head finish, you can choose to use a countersunk slot nut. Suitable for applications that require flat head or slot drives with a timeless appearance.

Truss head Phillips drive

The truss head nut has the largest surface area of ​​the barrel nut, so it is very useful for reducing the chance of "pull out" and the need for larger washers. Truss head nuts are UNC/inch threads, which are opposite to the metric threads of other nuts.

Joint bolt head

JCB barrel nuts are usually used in furniture with matching JCB bolts.

Bucket nuts are also called "gender bolts", "rear screws" or "Chicago screws", although nuts only account for half of the "gender bolts". The other is an external thread.

Stainless steel barrel nuts are made of 304 stainless steel (18-8) or 316 stainless steel, and can also be made of carbon steel.


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