Blow molding machine screw and barrel installation process


1. Before installation, the spare screw must be install […]

1. Before installation, the spare screw must be installed with the barrel in advance. In order to prevent the screw from sliding inside the barrel, a small piece of wood can be sandwiched between. Then hoist to the original position of the barrel, fix it, and surely connect the storage head and the feeding section.
2. After the barrel is installed, hoist the reducer back to the frame of the plastic blow molding machine, and connect the connecting sleeve of the reducer to the screw keyway. This part requires a special screw removal tool for installation. The connecting sleeve and the screw keyway household appliance grease are used to prevent rust and at the same time, it is also more convenient for the next disassembly.

3. After finishing the previous step, connect the parts in the next step. First, fix the bolts of the blow molding machine and the reducer, install the bolts that fix the reducer and the feed section, and connect the coupling to the extruder. Wire the motor, install the heater and wiring. In this step, ensure the correct installation and connection of all parts.

4. The next step is to install the feeding device. First, connect each wiring, bolt and blow molding machine equipment, and perform a heating test machine after checking.

5. When inspecting and repairing the extrusion motor, you can change the grease of the reducer.

The above five steps are the installation of the screw and barrel of the blow molding machine. Next, take a look at the installation of the screw and barrel of the blow molding machine and what are the precautions?

For large blow molding machine equipment, the screw and barrel of the large blow molding machine are heavier, which will exceed the lifting range of some blow molding machine manufacturers, and can be operated in the way of combined automobile operation. During the hoisting process, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the blow molding machine components, and not too fast to prevent accidents.

Hoisting work generally requires professional command and control of the crane speed to ensure that the entire process can be carried out smoothly. In particular, the steel wire rope and hoisting ring used for hoisting cannot slide and must be well connected.

Operators and on-site personnel should keep a safe distance from the crane and pay attention to personal safety.

After the installation of the screw and barrel of the blow molding machine and all the precautions have been checked, the blow molding machine equipment will be inspected and maintained. In the future use process, you can use it with confidence.


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