How to improve the working life of the cold feed screw?


Since the cold feed screw needs to be under high pressu […]

Since the cold feed screw needs to be under high pressure, high temperature, high friction and high mechanical torque for a long time when working, it is easy to cause screw wear and screw wear is inevitable, but is there any way to improve the screw? What about the working life? In fact, mastering the reasons for screw wear, and the possibility of wear, can extend the service life of the screw.

   Let’s understand the causes of screw wear and the ways to reduce wear:

1. Each raw material has an ideal processing temperature during processing. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature range of the barrel according to the different raw materials. Once the temperature is not controlled well, the raw materials will be heated unevenly and the molten state will be uneven. In theory, it is easy to cause the screw to wear faster.

2. In many cases, strengthening agents and other fillers are added to the material. These additives will affect the friction of the metal material and cause the screw to wear faster. Therefore, the rotation speed should be adjusted when processing these materials. Usually, the rotation speed should be adjusted. Increase, but not too high.

  3. Generally, high-quality raw materials do not contain too many sundries and impurities, but they are sorted and transported. Some sundries may be mixed in during the process of color mixing. These sundries will also accelerate the wear rate of the screw. Therefore, when adding raw materials, it is necessary to clean up the sundries.

4. The added raw material contains moisture. During the operation, the moisture in the material will enter the screw compression section, making it into high-temperature and high-pressure "steam particles". These "steam particles" are like impurity hard particles, which can cause damage to the screw. Friction and destruction. Therefore, before adding raw materials, you need to ensure that the raw materials are dry and free of moisture.

   Many times, the processed raw materials have a great impact on the wear of the cold feed screw. In order to increase the service life of the screw, more attention should be paid to the selection, selection and addition of raw materials.


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