Use conditions and methods of rubber extruder barrel


For the rubber extruder, the screw and barrel are very […]

For the rubber extruder, the screw and barrel are very important components. In order to play the role of the barrel, the operator should master its use conditions and methods.
heating method
   At present, most of the urgent heating methods use resistance heating, and thermocouples are used to achieve the effect of segmented temperature control. Resistance heating uses electrical resistance to generate heat to heat the barrel, and then the barrel transfers the heat to the raw materials in the barrel. This heating method has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, and easy maintenance. Of course, there are some other heating methods, so I won’t repeat them here.
heating power
   When determining the heating power of the barrel, two points need to be considered. One is to meet the amount of heat used when the material is plasticized, and the other is to consider the productivity during injection molding to ensure that the barrel temperature and speed meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the heating time for small machines does not exceed 30 minutes, if it is a large and medium-sized machine, the heating time is about 1h.
cooling method
Normally, the barrel does not need to be equipped with an additional cooling control system, and natural cooling can meet the needs of production. However, if the temperature of the feed port is relatively high during the use process, it is prone to feeding difficulties. At this time, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the feeding, It is necessary to install a cooling jacket (tank) at the feeding port, especially when running at a higher speed, the machine needs to be cooled and temperature controlled.
In addition, when using the barrel of the rubber extruder, you need to do electrical protection work. Before the work starts, you should check whether the power line is bitten by rats, whether the plug is in poor contact, and whether the voltage and current meet the requirements. After the job is over, make sure that the power to the device has been disconnected.

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