How to choose the extruder screw?


The plastic extruder is composed of many parts, among w […]

The plastic extruder is composed of many parts, among which the screw barrel is its main part, which plays a vital role in the extrusion, molding, and plastics of the plastic. Therefore, the structure and parameters of the plastic extruder are usually selected. Be considerate.
In order to meet different production conditions, there are currently several screw structures, such as gradual change, gradual change, and sudden change.
  The specific selection needs to be determined by combining the physical properties of the plastic and the production technology
        1. For small plastic extruders, the screw generally adopts a full-thread type. The screw is characterized by a relatively small length and a faster basic speed. Shien is suitable for insulating layers and protective sleeves with small interfaces. Product processing.
  2. If the product produced belongs to the softening of non-crystalline polymer, because of its wide temperature range, it is possible to choose an equidistant gradual screw.
  3. As for the product produced is a crystalline polymer, since the melting range it needs is not very large, it is necessary to choose an isometric mutation screw.
  4. In addition, the long diameter of the medium-sized screw is larger than that of the small screw, so its plastic extrusion volume is also larger, and the plasticizing effect of the plastic is ideal.


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