How to repair the extruder barrel after it is worn out?


The extruder barrel is a consumable part, but because i […]

The extruder barrel is a consumable part, but because its price is not cheap, many customers find that it is worn out, if the wear condition is not very serious, they will find a way to repair it and continue using it. Today, I will tell you how to fix it.

Because the hardness of the inner surface of the extruder barrel is much higher than that of the screw, the damage and wear speed of the barrel is much slower than that of the screw. Most of the time, the barrel is damaged because of long-term wear and tear. The diameter becomes larger.

  For this situation, how do we fix it? The repair method is as follows:

1. When it is found that the diameter of the barrel is increased due to wear, if the nitriding layer on the surface still exists, at this time, the inner hole of the barrel can be directly bored and ground to a new diameter size, and the old screw can be replaced by fine cutting. , The newly equipped screw should match the diameter of the barrel.

  2. After processing and trimming the inner diameter of the barrel, re-cast the alloy. The size of the alloy should be controlled well and should be controlled within 1~2mm.

3. The abrasion parts of the extruder barrel are uneven, and the abrasion is more serious in the homogenization section, so the method of boring and trimming can be adopted in this section, and a nitriding alloy steel bushing is equipped, and the internal control diameter can be It depends on the diameter of the screw.

Screws and barrels are very important parts of the extruder. The screw is a slender threaded rod, while the barrel is a relatively small and long hole. However, the production processes of these two parts are more complicated. If wear occurs during use, whether the method is to be repaired or simply replaced with new parts should be analyzed from a more economical point of view.


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