Two major solutions for the plugging of the extruder screw and barrel


During the operation of the rubber extruder, the screw […]

During the operation of the rubber extruder, the screw barrel was filled with material, and the screw could not rotate, which caused the production progress to lag. Today, I will introduce two major solutions to this situation. I hope it will be useful for everyone.

1. Increase the temperature of the barrel, let the material inside the barrel melt through the high temperature, wait until the temperature is kept for a period of time, start slowly, pay attention to the temperature of the barrel not to be set too high, lest the temperature is too high, the material is burnt, it is not good deal with.

2. If the above aspects do not work, you need to consider whether there is a hard object inside the barrel that jams the front end. Because the screw groove changes from deep to shallow, if there is a hard object, it may be stuck. This is a hard object. Clean it out. If the internal inspection is not the blockage of the screw and barrel caused by hard objects, the screw and barrel need to be removed and heated while the jack is used to push out the blocked material.

  If the blocked material cannot be ejected, the barrel screw can basically be determined to be scrapped. Note that brute force cannot be used at this time to force the ejection, so as not to damage other parts and affect future use.

It should be noted that if the raw material being produced at the moment is polyethylene, when dealing with the problem of the barrel screw, it is necessary to clean up the remaining raw materials at the feeding port, and drain the cooling water near the feeding port, and use heating tiles to heat it. , Let the blocked materials melt after heating. Note that when heating, the temperature of the barrel should be set to about 260 degrees, and the heating time is 2 hours.

   Rubber extruder barrel screw clogging two major solutions are introduced here, I don’t know if it helps you. If there are other faults and you don’t know how to solve them, you can contact the manufacturer’s technicians to deal with them.


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